And now a Public Service announcement from The Brick Side…

Brushing your teeth is not just something you should do because moms and dentists everywhere tell you to. It feels good! And, with this all-new toothbrush & toothpaste kit, just for you, you can get that toothpaste in all your face’s hard-to-reach places, with just one application of the brush! That’s right, all you minifigs out there, just slap your face down in this puppy, and you’ll have minty-fresh breath (and a numb face) for the next 24 hours!

But seriously, don’t try this scale brush and toothpaste at home, if you’re not living in minifig scale.

Have you ever thought about your LEGO minifigs getting into other household items? What kind of things would they get into?

[This episode was originally posted Tuesday, May 5, 2009]