The point of the self-referential humor in this episode was to commemorate The Brick Side moving off of to its own separate domain. I was starting to pick up some decent traffic for the web comic back in 2009, but it conflicted a bit with the point of my other site which was to showcase LEGO artwork I do on the side as a freelance LEGO artist.

This episode represents my first use of an actual brick as a prop. It is also the first self-referential¬†instance. After creating The Brick Side, one of the things I did to keep up with it’s popularity (or lack thereof) was set up Google Alerts for every time someone mentioned “The Brick Side” on the internet. When you own a website, you like to see it show up in search engines pretty high for certain things. For example, if you Google or Bing for “The Brick Side” you’ll get my site at the top. You also get “Brickside Grille“, an “upscale casual restaurant” (who I imagine may be annoyed to be competing with me for search engine results, though frankly the fact that we both have such vague words as “brick” and “side” in our title don’t really help either of us for our particular callings), and also “How to Side a Brick House”, and other things that are completely unrelated. I’d love to rank well for things like “lego webcomic” or “lego comic”, but alas, it isnt so, at this time. There are actually quite a few other LEGO-built webcomics out there for at least as long and/or didn’t have the same hacking issues I did a couple years ago.

So, what does a brick have to do with The Brick Side anyhow? Did you know that the LEGO company is very protective of their name and brand? They are! So fans of LEGO who use LEGO products in their business aren’t actually allowed to use the term “LEGO” in their name. There are a few exceptions, but these are specifically condoned by the LEGO company. So lots of LEGO-related things use the term “brick” instead. It makes for some interesting results.

What things have you ever substituted a brick for?

[This episode was originally 1 of 3 posted Monday, May 18, 2009]