Have you ever met a Blockhead?

Sometimes it’s best just to keep it to yourself. A friend of mine used to say, “If you can’t say something nice — at least make sure it’s funny.” I guess that’s not really the thing you want to teach your kids … as they sit there tossing insults at each other and you and your neighbors. Where do they learn these things anyhow? School?

Have you ever read the children’s book Martha Speaks? It’s about a family dog who eats alphabet soup and learns how to talk. The family’s wow factor quickly turns sour, though, as Martha begins speaking everything that is on her mind, including our family’s favorite line, “Why is that man so fat?” Sometimes there is truth in what we say — it’s just not always the right time or place to say it. Sometimes we should keep our opinions to ourselves. Other times we *should* speak our minds. Sometimes a spade is a spade and should be called such. In today’s episode, at least, the insulter is keeping it to himself. Though the insultee *is* obviously very much a blockhead. And that’s something you can do with LEGO bricks.

What are some things you have kept to yourself or later wished you had kept to yourself?

[This episode was originally posted Tuesday, May 19, 2009.]