Ever go on a diet? Sometimes it might feel like you’re on the “skeleton diet” — and that you’re little more than death warmed over and a little hungry. It takes a lot of determination to not eat all those (fill in the blank). For some people it’s chocolate or cheeseburgers. For others it’s nachos or pizza or tater tots. For me it’s Reduced Fat Cheez-Its. Yes, reduced fat. They’re a lot better for you than the other kind. And I buy the standard size box — not the family size box — it doesn’t keep the same “crispiness” that the basic size box of Reduced Fat Cheez-Its does. I could sit down and eat a whole box if left to myself and the guilty conscience was turned off. But the serving size is 29 crackers. 29 bites of sheer bliss. Ah!

So what foods do it for you? And what techniques do you use to overcome the urge not to overdo it? And is this conversation I’ve presented here on The Brick Side really helping? Probably not.

[This episode originally published on Tuesday, July 28, 2009.]