Sure the Rice Krispies have their thing. But Cap’N Minifig Head Cereal has got a whole lot more. What other cereal let’s you actually carry on a conversation? Or at least get pestered by lots of questions. It’s almost like having a room full of small children when you’re eating breakfast. (I imagine it helped that I had 4 kids aged 7, 5, 3, and 2 when I wrote this episode). Of course, you can’t eat your kids. Well, I suppose … but, no, never mind. You can’t eat your kids! But you *can* eat Cap’N Minifig Head Cereal. Well, maybe. It’s a little crunchy. And it talks to you. The conversation diminishes a bit over the course of the meal. And ends in quietude. But you can always pour yourself another bowl. 🙂

What does *your* cereal say to *you*?

[This episode originally published on Thursday, July 30, 2009.]