The Brick Side is a webcomic that I first began developing in 2009. It ran on and off for mostly two years, getting to around 190 episodes, when my site fell prey to a pretty nasty hack, which was pretty embarrassing for a guy whose full time job is working with websites. But The Brick Side was just a side hobby, and besides the time building with LEGO toys to put the comics together, my full time job, a wife, and four kids, I had very little time to rebuild the site… 🙁

In late 2012, after the site had been down for well over a year, I decided to bring it back for 2013. The new format would be a mix of old webcomics (most of them not seen by readers for some time), intermixed with the occasional new comic. The plan is to ease back into publishing new comics regularly, while using the old, long-unseen comics as fodder to get the site active again.

Hopefully this will bring many of my old readers back, as well as bring along many many new readers. Let’s see how this goes, shall we? Wish me luck! 🙂